MLB.TV 2010 Prices

January 28, 2010 has released the details of the 2010 MLB.TV and MLB.TV Premium subscriptions.  A British perspective on the new offerings, and the new prices, is available now at


Fantasy competition, Giambi, Burrell and Bradley

January 11, 2009
  • BaseballGB Fantasy League – a fantasy competition invitation.
  • Giambi brings hope for good times ahead – The signing of a former favourites gives A’s fans extra cause for optimism.  Braves fans might struggle to match it right now.
  • Rays and Cubs take context into consideration – Taking a look at a couple of free agent outfielders who have finally found a new home.

  • 1974 World Series, the WBC, the economic crisis and more

    December 8, 2008
  • World Series – the 1974 version – The A’s versus the Dodgers courtesy of
  • A-Rod and the D. Rep batting lineup – A-Rod’s decided to join the Dominican Republic for the 2009 WBC.  Here’s a look at the frightening lineup they could put on the field next March.
  • Baseball Economics – the global economic crisis, how it effects baseball in the States and how it effects being a baseball fan in Britain.
  • You Are the Scorer: Number 5  – the latest in our regular feature
  • Baseball Books for Xmas – Stuck for an Xmas present?  Here’s a guide to some baseball books you might want to try.
  • European club rankings 2008 – Comparing the rankings by Mister-Baseball and BaseballdeWorld

  • MLB 2008 Season Annual

    November 30, 2008

    Download the WHGB 2008 Annual (pdf)

    It seems much longer than one month ago since the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series.  After the 2,430 game regular season (2,431 in the end this year) and the drama of the postseason, MLB comes to an abrupt halt and an established part of your daily routine (checking the scores, maybe watching a game) disappears. 

    It’s a bit of a shock to the system, but in some ways it is a necessary process.   An MLB season is packed full with action and incidents, heroes and villains, astonishing feats and costly errors, and you need a period to sit back and reflect on what has happened. 

    To help you do just that, we are publishing today the ‘Weekly Hit Ground Ball 2008 Annual’.  WHGB is a feature column published every Sunday during the regular season here at BaseballGB. The twenty-six columns from the 2008 regular season have been brought together in a pdf alongside an overview of the first two rounds of the postseason and a series of articles about the World Series.

    Some of the events you can read about include:

    Jeff Kartsens’ near-perfect game, the week when three managers got the chop, and when the Rays headed to Disney Land before ending up in the dream land of a World Series.

    Interleague play, the All-Star Game, Bud Selig’s attempts to speed up the game (predictably forgotten within weeks) and the introduction of instant replay.

    Historic feats (Griffey’s 600th home run), rookies making a mark (Jay Bruce), and a Dutch international making his Major League debut.

    But no one had a more remarkable year than CC Sabathia.  From his slow start to the season with the Indians, his move to the Brewers, the disastrous four-game sweep by the Cubs at the end of July, the no-hitter attempt that controversially went by the wayside and the sacking of his team’s manager, it was quite a year for CC and it promises to get even better with a lucrative multi-year free agent deal just around the corner.

    MLB Team Picker

    November 23, 2008

    Once a Brit has started to take an interest in baseball, they have to make a potentially life-changing decision: which team should they call their own?  At BaseballGB, we’ve decided to try and make this decision a little easier by coming up with a Team Picker system.  Our first attempt is in many ways a trial run, designed to provoke some debate and hopefully lots of useful suggestions on how it can be improved.  Our plan is to take the comments on board and bring out a new set of rankings in March in time for the 2009 season.

    From the Stanford Series to the World Series

    November 2, 2008
  • A lack of 20-20 vision– The Stanford Series finale was a disaster for England.  Will it have had more success in converting American’s to cricket?
  • Why I love fantasy baseball – and why you should too! – Mark George offers a few reasons why Fantasy sceptics should reconsider their position.
  • Support Herts Baseball Club – Herts Baseball Club have ambitious plans to upgrade their facilities, but they need your support.
  • European Professional League news – The latest news of the plans to create a professional baseball league in Europe.
  • The 2008 World Series

  • The Phillies win the World Series
  • Game Five continues tonight
  • World Series left in limbo
  • Phillies blast past the Rays in Game four

  • World Series and British baseball history

    October 26, 2008

    Coverage of the World Series

  • Game three thriller – a review of game three
  • Make sure you don’t miss the unmissable – Previewing game three and highlighting the possible effects of rain delays and the change in time difference between the U.K. and the States
  • Rays tie the series at 1-1 – a review of game two
  • Phillies win Game One – a review of game one
  • Counting down the minutes – an excited preview of game one
  • A beginner’s guide to the World Series – New to baseball?  Has the World Series encouraged you to take a look at the sport?  This guide is for you.
  • A Wednesday Start for the World Series – Looking at the effect that moving the World series opener to a Wednesday night has on British baseball fans.
  • British baseball history and stats

  • GBBSA website is relaunched – A vast array of stats about British baseball and much more,
  • Project Cobb gets underway – the launch of a new project designed to chronicle the history of British baseball, ” a unifying place for the various threads of research into the history of baseball in Britain”,
  • 5:45 to Folkestone: Longest games and World War I ball – The list of research projects is already growing.