A total overhaul of Major League Baseball’s structure?

June 16, 2010

Rob Nelson – or “Nellie” – was a Maverick in the minor leagues and a renegade in British baseball. Now he has a revolutionary idea to reshape Major League Baseball. 

Find out more about his proposal at BaseballGB.


MLB’s Interleague history

May 25, 2010

We’ve just completed our first burst of interleague play in the 2010 MLB season. Want to learn more about the history of the two leagues coming together? Why not read Russ Dyas’s most recent article at BaseballGB: ‘Interleague Play & The Marmite Effect: 63 Years In The Making’.

MLB.TV 2010 Prices

January 28, 2010

MLB.com has released the details of the 2010 MLB.TV and MLB.TV Premium subscriptions.  A British perspective on the new offerings, and the new prices, is available now at BaseballGB.co.uk


Keeping score: Pirates-Cubs 14 August 2009

August 22, 2009

When the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs met last Friday, there was plenty of action to witness both on the field and in the sky. Read my report of keeping score of the game at BaseballGB.

Mark Buehrle’s Perfect Game

July 26, 2009

Read about one Brit’s experience of following Mark Buehrle’s incredible perfect game from the UK.  It was the topic of this week’s ‘Weekly Hit Ground Ball’ column at BaseballGB, a feature that is published every Sunday during the MLB season.

MLB.TV 2009 Prices and other details

February 5, 2009

A full analysis of the 2009 MLB.com subscription packages is now available at BaseballGB.  Including:

  • A reduction in the listed price (although an ultimate increase for Brits)
  • New features such as the Flash media player and game highlights.
  • The tried and tested three level subscription packages: Gameday Audio, MLB.TV and MLB.TV Premium.

MLB.tv, Google Books and Awards

January 5, 2009
  • Cartoons by Rex Phillips added to Project Cobb site
  • MLB.com – 2008 review and looking ahead – Assessing the multimedia content provided by MLB.com during 2008 and what 2009 may hold in store,
  • Game Time: A Baseball Companion by Roger Angell – a review of this collection,
  • Baseball on Google Books – From copies of Baseball Digest to an interesting find in a 1928 edition of  ‘Popular Mechanics’, Google Books offers baseball fans lots of material to read,
  • BaseballGB 2008 Awards – Part One – looking back at the 2008 MLB season,
  • BaseballGB 2008 Awards – Part Two .