An All-Star team of Major Leaguers who have played in Great Britain

June 6, 2009

As part of Project Cobb, ex-‘Baseball on Five’ presenter Josh Chetwynd (and author of two McFarland publications: British Baseball and the West Ham Club, and Baseball in Europe) has written an article compiling an All-Star team of players who have appeared on British soil over the years. 

Featuring greats such as Willie Stargell, Tris Speaker, Cap Anson, Sam ‘Wahoo’ Crawford, Bob Feller and AG Spalding, it makes for an impressive team.  More importantly, Josh’s article explains how every player ‘qualifies’ for the list, charting an interesting history of baseball on British shores.

Read the full article by clicking through to BaseballGB here.


Josh Chetwynd Q&A

December 15, 2008

In the latest part of BaseballGB’s series interviewing people involved with baseball in Britain, we talk to Josh Chetwynd discussing among other things:

  • His baseball playing career (from Northwestern University, to the Swedish league and his involvement with the London Mets,
  • His thoughts on the British baseball scene,
  • The Great Britain national team,
  • His role as co-presenter of Five’s MLB coverage.

The full Q&A can be found here.

British Baseball’s Final Four, MLB and baseball books

September 7, 2008

It’s the big weekend in British baseball as the Final Four tournament takes place in Croydon.

  • Looking ahead to the National Finals this weekend
  • Sharks, Sidewinders, Falcons, and Kings all win in semis
  • London Mets and Richmond Flames complete an all-southern cast for tomorrow’s finals
  • Books, instant replay and deadlines:

  • ‘Weekly’ Hit Ground Ball 2008 – Week Twenty Three – The case of the missing error
  • Publicity for ‘Baseball in Europe’ – Josh Chetwynd’s latest book.
  • History in an instant (replay) – A review of the first instant replay review.
  • Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend and Castro’s Curveball – A look at a couple of baseball novels.
  • Transfer and Trading deadlines –  How does the English football deadline compare to the baseball trading deadline?

  • Karstens, the Olympics, Book reviews and British baseball

    August 10, 2008
  • ‘Weekly’ Hit Ground Ball 2008 – Week Nineteen – Looking at the amazing start Jeff Kartstens has made with the Pirates.
  • Olympics coverage part two – BBC interactive services.
  • Olympics – Baseball and Softball TV Schedule – Live in Britain?  Want to know when and where you can watch Olympic baseball and softball games on your tele?  Here’s the definitive guide.
  • A history of European Baseball – A preview of the latest book by Josh Chetwynd
  • A’s Essential by Steven Travers – A book review of this guide to the A’s franchise.
  • Brewers bust-up: the side-effects of a sweep – The Prince and Parra get pushy.
  • Roundshaw oddities and sporting milestones – Strange plays from games in the British National Baseball League and some thoughts on the merit of milestones.

  • Sackings, switch-hitting and spending money

    June 22, 2008
  • ‘Weekly’ Hit Ground Ball 2008 – Week Twelve – Three managers are sacked.  One GM goes and maybe two more will follow? 
  • Switch-hit meets Switch-pitch – Highlighting the story of the Yankee’s minor league pitcher Pat Venditte
  • Beckhams get all the money – The Rays signed their number one pick for a lot of money, which can’t help but seem a little strange to British fans used to players having success at the professional level before banking millions.
  • Bash Brothers, Bronx Bombers, and Baseball in Europe – Plenty of baseball books are set to be released in the near future.  Here’s a rundown of some of the most appealing.
  • Switch-hitting cricketers – Kevin Pieterson’s switch-hit casued a stir this week and also showed how baseball and cricket have a fair amount in common.

  • Bloody noses, Daily Rewinds, and keeping an eye on the clock

    May 25, 2008

    Lots of topics were covered at BaseballGB this week.  In case you missed them, here’s a summary with links to the full stories:

  • ‘Weekly’ Hit Ground Ball 2008 – Week Eight – Bud’s meddling again, but how long will the Time Police crackdown really last?
  • Daily Rewind Review  – A review of the new Daily Recap feature at
  • Right on the nose – Chris Young takes one on the hooter and  Johan Santana has a near miss, but can anything be done to protect the pitchers?
  • BBfB: Volume 5 – The launch of the latest in a series of guides about baseball.  Volume Five looks at numbers and statistics.
  • National League: no managerial headaches for the Mets – Joe Gray reveals the possible dilemmas faced by managers in the British National League, while providing a run-down of the results from last weekend’s games in Britain.
  • New articles on the GBBSA website – Links to, and comments about, several new artices posted on the Great Britain Baseball Scorers Association website, including a history of the Great Britain national team by Five’s own Josh Chetwynd.