Olympics, British Baseball and Instant Replay in MLB

August 24, 2008

Olympics coverage

  • Korea wins gold
  • The U.S. win the bronze medal
  • Korea and Cuba are going for gold
  • Preliminary Round Completed
  • Japan and the U.S. round out the top four
  • Cuba and Korea qualify for the semi-finals
  • Korea improves to 4-0
  • British Baseball

  • National Baseball League: Northern division reduced to two teams; four close contests in South
  • MLB


    All Stars and the Olympics

    July 20, 2008

    The main topic this week has of course been the All Star Game:

  • ‘Weekly’ Hit Ground Ball 2008 – Week Sixteen – The All Star Game rules need to be changed.  Here’s why and how.
  • All Star Exhaustion – An initial review of the marathon event.
  • All Star Game Preview – Looking forward to the game.
  • Elsewhere, there was some potentially important news this week about baseball’s Olympic future.  Will the 2016 All Star break last for two weeks?  How important is the Olympics to baseball and vice versa?

  • MLB and Baseball’s Olympic future
  • Finally, the A’s are continuing apace with their rebuilding exercise. 

    The A’s Extreme Makeover