All Stars and the Olympics

July 20, 2008

The main topic this week has of course been the All Star Game:

  • ‘Weekly’ Hit Ground Ball 2008 – Week Sixteen – The All Star Game rules need to be changed.  Here’s why and how.
  • All Star Exhaustion – An initial review of the marathon event.
  • All Star Game Preview – Looking forward to the game.
  • Elsewhere, there was some potentially important news this week about baseball’s Olympic future.  Will the 2016 All Star break last for two weeks?  How important is the Olympics to baseball and vice versa?

  • MLB and Baseball’s Olympic future
  • Finally, the A’s are continuing apace with their rebuilding exercise. 

    The A’s Extreme Makeover


    Injuries and All Stars, plus baseball news from Britain and Europe

    July 13, 2008
  • ‘Weekly’ Hit Ground Ball 2008 – Week Fifteen – The DL gets every player in the end.  Do some avoid it through skill, or is it simply luck?
  • Gameday gets better and better –’s Gameday feature is continually undergoing development.  Here’s a review on it’s current incarnation.
  • Final Four details announced – Click the link for more details on September’s Final Four tournament: the climax of the British baseball season.
  • Europe’s top fifty teams – Looking at Mister-Baeball’s latest European rankings.
  • Harden joins the Cubs – The Cubs answer the Brewers.  The A’s continue to rebuild.
  • The Bad Guys Won by Jeff Pearlman – A review of this great book about the 1986 Mets.
  • All Star rosters announced – After millions of votes were cast, the All Star rosters were revealed this week.
  • Brewers sign Sabathia – The rumours turned to reality in a short space of time.

  • Bernadina, British baseball, All Star nominations and more

    July 6, 2008

    BaseballGB hearalded the arrival of another European into MLB this week:

    In a four-part series, Joe Gray took a look at the stats from the Southern section of the British National Baseball League:

  • National Baseball League South: Base-running stats
  • National Baseball League South: Fielding stats
  • National Baseball League South: Pitching stats
  • National Baseball League South: Batting stats
  • Joe also reviewed the events from the games in the top tier of the British league from last weekend:

    BaseballGB’s look at the All Star nominations came to a conclusion:

  • All Star Game 2008 – Outfielders
  • All Star Game 2008 – Catcher
  • All Star Game 2008 – Shortstop
  • A Fantasy Baseball challenge continued:

  • Starters left me finished
  • Finally, goodies from were highlighted:

  • Gameday Audio Rewind
  • All Star bonuses from

  • Twins = wins times ten, British baseball news, All Star Nominations and book reviews

    June 29, 2008

    Lots going on in baseball this week on both sides of the Atlantic and lots going on at : MLB news and comments, All Star Game nominations, British baseball, European baseball, fantasy baseball and book reviews.

  • ‘Weekly’ Hit Ground Ball 2008 – Week Thirteen – The Twins’ winning streak comes under the BaseballGB microscope.
  • All Star Game 2008 – Third basemen – Two difficult choices.  Or maybe not.
  • Strike Four: Adventures in European Baseball by Jeff Archer – Joe Gray reviews a little-known book about an American’s experience of baseball in Europe.
  • BBF Baseball Bulletin and European baseball news – The British Baseball Federation kindly provides us with news of what’s been happening in British baseball (and softball) over the last couple of months, as well as giving us a ‘heads up’ on what’s on the horizon.  All in one pdf.
  • New name for British baseball’s top flight – News of a welcome change to avoid ‘National League’ confusion in the future.
  • All Star Game 2008 – Second basemen – Keystone considerations.
  • All Star Game 2008 – First basemen and DH – Who deserves to be manning first base at Yankee Stadium on  15 July?
  • A Starter For Ten – The latest installment on a Fantasy baseball challenge. 
  • News from the National League – What happened in the British league last weekend?  The answer can be found with one click on your left mouse button.
  • Weaver on Strategy by Earl Weaver with Terry Pluto – A book review of this classic on the art of in-game baseball strategy.