BaseballGB reviews St Louis Cardinals: Past & Present by Doug Feldmann

May 2, 2009

The St Louis Cardinals are the latest franchise to have a book devoted to them in this impressive series by MVP Books.  Fans of the Red Birds will revel in this eye-catching compilation of great photos and descriptive text that provide a well-rounded history of their storied team.

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BaseballGB Fantasy League

March 21, 2009

The BaseballGB fantasy league brings together writers from, and readers of,  It’s a fourteen team Head-To-Head competition.  The draft was a week ago today and Mark George has provided a breakdown of how the BGB writers got on.

Full article here.

MLB.TV 2009 Prices and other details

February 5, 2009

A full analysis of the 2009 subscription packages is now available at BaseballGB.  Including:

  • A reduction in the listed price (although an ultimate increase for Brits)
  • New features such as the Flash media player and game highlights.
  • The tried and tested three level subscription packages: Gameday Audio, MLB.TV and MLB.TV Premium.

Fantasy competition, Giambi, Burrell and Bradley

January 11, 2009
  • BaseballGB Fantasy League – a fantasy competition invitation.
  • Giambi brings hope for good times ahead – The signing of a former favourites gives A’s fans extra cause for optimism.  Braves fans might struggle to match it right now.
  • Rays and Cubs take context into consideration – Taking a look at a couple of free agent outfielders who have finally found a new home.

  • Off-season spending, Fantasy baseball and Green Cathedrals

    December 14, 2008
  • The Yankees have gone fishing – First Sabathia, now Burnett. 
  • No credit crunch for CC – The Yankees make the first big signing of the off-season.
  • What type of fantasy league is right for me? – Mark George continues his guide to fantasy baseball by looking at various different types of fantasy leagues that are available.
  • Green Cathedrals by Philip J Lowry – A book review of this guide to ballparks past and present.

  • From the Stanford Series to the World Series

    November 2, 2008
  • A lack of 20-20 vision– The Stanford Series finale was a disaster for England.  Will it have had more success in converting American’s to cricket?
  • Why I love fantasy baseball – and why you should too! – Mark George offers a few reasons why Fantasy sceptics should reconsider their position.
  • Support Herts Baseball Club – Herts Baseball Club have ambitious plans to upgrade their facilities, but they need your support.
  • European Professional League news – The latest news of the plans to create a professional baseball league in Europe.
  • The 2008 World Series

  • The Phillies win the World Series
  • Game Five continues tonight
  • World Series left in limbo
  • Phillies blast past the Rays in Game four

  • Bernadina, British baseball, All Star nominations and more

    July 6, 2008

    BaseballGB hearalded the arrival of another European into MLB this week:

    In a four-part series, Joe Gray took a look at the stats from the Southern section of the British National Baseball League:

  • National Baseball League South: Base-running stats
  • National Baseball League South: Fielding stats
  • National Baseball League South: Pitching stats
  • National Baseball League South: Batting stats
  • Joe also reviewed the events from the games in the top tier of the British league from last weekend:

    BaseballGB’s look at the All Star nominations came to a conclusion:

  • All Star Game 2008 – Outfielders
  • All Star Game 2008 – Catcher
  • All Star Game 2008 – Shortstop
  • A Fantasy Baseball challenge continued:

  • Starters left me finished
  • Finally, goodies from were highlighted:

  • Gameday Audio Rewind
  • All Star bonuses from