Instant replay, Olympics, British baseball

August 31, 2008
  • ‘Weekly’ Hit Ground Ball 2008 – Week Twenty Two – Five months in, which teams have exceeded expectations and which have disappointed?
  • Olympic Baseball 2008 – In Review – Taking a look back at a great event.
  • GB National Team versus Trescothick’s Bangers – Details about Marcus Trescothick’s benefit baseball game.
  • NBL South stats update – It’s the final weekend of the regular season in the British National Baseball League.
  • A review of the extra-innings rule in the 2008 Olympic baseball tournament – The controversial new ‘extra-innings’ rule is placed under the microscope.  How did it work in practice?  What tactics did the teams use?
  • Eight men in – an interesting anecdote from the recent history of British baseball
  • Replays from today – Taking a look at the new instant replay system
  • Curt Flood, Three Finger Brown and Yankee Stadium – A few new books that you might want to add to your collection.
  • Instant replay era begins on Thursday? 
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    Olympics, British Baseball and Instant Replay in MLB

    August 24, 2008

    Olympics coverage

  • Korea wins gold
  • The U.S. win the bronze medal
  • Korea and Cuba are going for gold
  • Preliminary Round Completed
  • Japan and the U.S. round out the top four
  • Cuba and Korea qualify for the semi-finals
  • Korea improves to 4-0
  • British Baseball

  • National Baseball League: Northern division reduced to two teams; four close contests in South
  • MLB

    Olympic Baseball, British baseball and MLB player draft signings

    August 17, 2008

    The Olympics

  • Olympics 2008 – Baseball tournament preview
  • The Netherlands break their duck
  • Day Three brings extra innings
  • Controversy reigns amid the rain
  • Day One belongs to Korea
  • British Baseball

  • National Baseball League: Bracknell-Croydon season series ends 4-4; London now just 4 games off perfection
  • MLB

  • ‘Weekly’ Hit Ground Ball 2008 – Week Twenty – Prospects pick up big paydays as the draft signing deadline comes and goes.
  • Zink galvanizes Red Sox – A memorable Red Sox-Rangers game.

  • Karstens, the Olympics, Book reviews and British baseball

    August 10, 2008
  • ‘Weekly’ Hit Ground Ball 2008 – Week Nineteen – Looking at the amazing start Jeff Kartstens has made with the Pirates.
  • Olympics coverage part two – BBC interactive services.
  • Olympics – Baseball and Softball TV Schedule – Live in Britain?  Want to know when and where you can watch Olympic baseball and softball games on your tele?  Here’s the definitive guide.
  • A history of European Baseball – A preview of the latest book by Josh Chetwynd
  • A’s Essential by Steven Travers – A book review of this guide to the A’s franchise.
  • Brewers bust-up: the side-effects of a sweep – The Prince and Parra get pushy.
  • Roundshaw oddities and sporting milestones – Strange plays from games in the British National Baseball League and some thoughts on the merit of milestones.

  • Sweeps, WBC, MLB deadline day, and a new Extra-inning rule

    August 3, 2008
  • ‘Weekly’ Hit Ground Ball 2008 – Week Eighteen – Looking at the power of the ‘sweep’ as the Cubs beat up the Brewers.
  • WBC – An alternative format – The World Baseball Classic is a fantastic competition, but it could be even better.  Here’s an alternative format for how the tournament should be structured.
  • WBC 2009 press conference news – A report on the L.A. press conference held on Thursday announcing details about next year’s World Baseball Classic.
  • New game-shortening rule makes debut – The IBAF’s new rule is taking effect
  • Manny deal saves the deadline day – Reviewing the deadline day
  • Trade Deadline day –  Previewing the deadline day
  • European League update – The IBAF caused some excitement a short while ago when announcing tentative plans to create a European Baseball League.  More details are now starting to emerge.
  • New rule to eliminate marathon games from the Olympics – An in-depth look at the new rule which will see runners placed on first and second at the start of each inning if the scores are tied after ten.
  • How to become an Olympic sport – The decision process for selecting sports to be part of the Olympics is strongly called into question by the BBC.  Perhaps an explanation why baseball and softball have been unjustly booted out?
  • National Baseball League: return of the seamed sphere – A review of last weekend’s games from the British National Baseball League.