Keeping score in Great Britain

March 26, 2008

The Great Britain Baseball Scorers Association is the official national scoring body recognized by the British Baseball Federation.  Recently, the Scorers Commissioner for the Southern League, Joe Gray, joined me at my main baseball blog,, to talk about the work of the Association.

In this excerpt, Joe describes a standard gameday for a British baseball scorer:

“A scorer should aim to get to the game at least an hour before first pitch, which gives time for a chat with the players, managers, and umpires, before settling into the scoring chair to fill in the line-ups. As some players cut it pretty fine in terms of making first pitch, it’s fairly normal to still be writing out the line-up during the first inning. That all done, it’s a case of hoping to see a good game or two, without too many complicated run-down plays or close error-hit calls, as there are no action replays to help out here. During the game, you are guaranteed a visit or two from players affectionately known as “stat rats”, who will be keen to see how their day is going from the scorer’s perspective. If a double-header is being played, the 20 minutes between games can be used to take a stretch, have a conversation or two, and perform the other necessaries. After the game, it’s off to the pub with the team, where the scoresheets always prove useful in settling a few arguments about the day’s play. Assuming the scoresheets leave the pub dry and in one piece, they can then be used to work out the statistics”.

If you would like to read more about the GBBSA, please head over to the full article here and then check out the Association’s new website at